Empower your team to be their happiest, healthiest, most productive selves with Centr.

Let Chris Hemsworth's team transform yours.


Fewer sick days

Employees who move more, eat better and manage stress show a 40% reduction in average medical costs.


 Lose the 3pm slump

Win back hours lost to brain fog – wellness programs can boost productivity by one full workday a month.


A can-do culture

54% of employers reported a big increase in morale, meaning more confident, positive and resilient employees.

The workplace wellness program your team will actually use.

2,000+ workouts

Give your team access to workouts for every goal, fitness level and style – with or without equipment.

1,000+ healthy recipes

Think energizing breakfasts, tasty leftovers and wholesome afternoon snacks to power a productive day.

Hundreds of meditations

Keep fatigue at bay and ban burnout from the boardroom with relaxing meditations and sleep visualizations.


On demand, on every device.

iPhone - Android - Web - Apple Watch
Airplay - Chromecast - HealthKit - Google Fit

Deliver Chris Hemsworth’s team of experts straight to your workspace. 

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Workplace wellness benefits data based on findings by HCLactive, GALLUP and HUBinternational